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what is GRN association?

GRN Association is an independent and non-profit organization with its headquarters in Zug, Switzerland.

Its primary goal is to develop and maintain the world’s first sustainable blockchain (GRNGrid) and make sure the steps taken are environmentally conscious.

GRN (the native token of blockchain) and GRNGrid Network will be decentralized. The trademarks of GRNGrid and further assets are safeguarded by the GRN Association and open for noncommercial usage.

After the launch of GRNGrid, the dedication will continue to grow GRID, and develop additional and user-friendly features.

With security, speed & stability, and sustainability as core values.



GRN Association drives the sustainability and carbon reduction programs of its subsidiaries by providing key insights and sponsorship for environmentally beneficial programs. These programs will include circular economy, sustainable energy powered datacenters and e-waste recycling programs.


GRN Association is a key partner in programs meant to improve the use cases of GRNGrid. These programs are meant to educate: consumers on how to safely use blockchain technology, entities on how GRNGrid can enable them to reach their consumers and developers about the all the opportunities the open source libraries of GRNGrid offer. 

These programs will take form as seminars, hackatons, workshop and many more. GRN Association will also manage partnership meant to foster further progress on GRNGrid.


GRN Association provides delegated tokens to validators for lowering the threshold for those validators join the GRNGrid validating pool. Furthermore it will finance qualified third party / community led developments on GRNGrid to improve the health of the blockchain. These actions will provide a more stable and improved environment on GRNGrid for end-users.

Gotthardstrasse 26
6300 ZUG

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